July 15, 2012

Tips for clear skin.

It's tough keeping those breakouts at bay but we can do more than we think we can, to prevent blemishes from making their appearance and ruining our mood.

1. Remove make-up and clean (or cleanse) the skin before you go to bed. 

I am guilty of not doing this one but believe me, if you start doing it, not only will you see a big difference (like I did) but you will also find it easier to remove make-up at the end of the day, since it will have become a habit (a good one). The goal is to clean the skin so it can breath during sleep (and make-up doesn't really allow it to breath). Sure there will be those days when you are so tired you want to fall straight into bed and that's totally understandable. So do it. There's no harm in that. Just don't make it a habit. Start cleansing your skin now. :) I think we all owe it to our skin. 

2. Change pillowcases regularly.

In the past, I didn't think to do this to benefit my skin more. I changed my pillowcase when they needed to be changed, so that was once every two or three weeks. I discovered this tip reading blogs and it makes sense. Pillowcases accumulate sweat from our face and body, possible dust particles, possible residual make-up (a bit of mascara or eyeliner residue etc.). Ok, we all know that. But we can help our skin a tad more by changing the pillowcase more regularly (that depends on your desires and preferences), for example once a week or once every five days. Thus eliminating the chances of breakouts popping out of nowhere. Needless to say, I now have one more reason to change my pillowcase. haha. :)

3. Drink a lot of water.

Water is so important. It cleanses the skin from the inside, it hydrates, it makes us glow. Drinking sufficient amounts (and that varies per person) will help keep the skin clear, healthier-looking and possibly even softer to the touch. 

4. Fruits and vegetables.

They will help a lot. They contain water and a few portions of fruits and vegetables a day can't harm us. Find vegetables that you like eating and incorporate them in your meals (you don't have to eat them always raw). Add fruit to your salad, your oatmeal/porridge etc.

5. Moisturize.

Use a moisturizer daily, no matter what your skin type. That saying, use products that are catered to your skin type and don't be too harsh on your skin. Use delicate movements (note that our ring finger applies the least pressure).

Some would say these are "golden" rules. Just remember that each one of us is different and our skin has different needs so be cautious, "listen" to your skin and take care of it appropriately.