July 9, 2012

My make-up story (kind of).

Hi everyone. I haven't been posting regularly on this blog and I really should. So I'm going to start doing that.

This post is about my make-up story and how I feel right now about make-up and beauty. I just wanted to put this out there.

I used to wear make-up regularly when I was 15-17. I didn't wear a whole lot of make-up, I occasionally wore foundation and I wouldn't go out of the house without blush and pencil eyeliner on. (Not to mention that in my teens I was obsessed with all things beauty, reading the beauty section of magazines, loving to browse through the cosmetics aisle in the drugstore.) Then, I stopped wearing make-up, I think I didn't really care to be honest and that was for a few years. After a while, I was consciously not wearing make-up to let my skin breath and had embraced an 'all-natural' approach to beauty (that sounds funny haha but I had). I was finally comfortable with not wearing anything, I didn't have a "complex" anymore. And that was important to me.

Now, two years since I discovered the FASCINATING world of beauty blogs, I have started to get back on track with my former cosmetic-loving self. Don't get me wrong, not wearing any make-up at all is great but I had lost the balance. Now I want to wear make-up because it's fun and I can learn to accentuate my best features. It's something I want to spend my time on, learning how to take care of myself and be my best version.

It's been amazing, rediscovering something I loved. Reading about beauty products, the 'ritual' of putting make-up on etc. I owe that to beauty blogs and the lovely girls who have a true passion for their blogs (and for their YouTube channel), who are honest about it, who are ultimately beautiful.

I am also surprised but happy to see that girls in my country are starting to get involved in beauty blogging. Two years ago, I'd read a handful of blogs by Greek girls, now that has changed completely and I feel like we finally "caught up"!!!

To end this long post, I'll tell you some things about me. I love food and Earl Grey tea, I have a new passion for skincare and what we put into our bodies, I'm a bit of an introvert but I want to be more social and outgoing, I love to watch movies, I enjoy simple things like stars and clouds and a nice cup of tea, I like reading things (not really books, unfortunately) and words fascinate me and I guess that's me in a nutshell right now.

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