July 15, 2011

My new bag!

I am happy to show you my new bag, it is NOT a purchase but a gift! From a lovely person, a friend of my dad who owns a clothes shop for tourists haha! :) I live in an area that attracts a lot of tourists, hence the tourists shops, the ones that sell summer clothes, bathing suits, sunscreen etc. The shop that this person has is with summer clothes, shoes and just a few bags. Of course the bag is not genuine but a fake Louis Vuitton.

I was looking at this bag and thought it looked pretty and perfect for summer and he offered to give it to me as a gift, because my dad fixed his car and he took a few days to pay for the car, also because he's a friend. I don't care that it's not genuine, I care that this was a bag I liked and of very good quality, too! (I'm not expecting it to fall off anytime soon, but we'll see, nonetheless). But still it's not an expensive bag, the price was 20 euros, lowered from 40 euros. I'd give 20 euros for this, not 40.

I love the colors!!! Do you? Very summery and it feels luxurious to hold, too. The inside is amazingly beautiful, too, I like it a lot. It has two pockets and one zipper pocket and it can fit A LOT of stuff. Another important thing is that it looks okay on me, it isn't too big for my petite frame. I have trouble finding a bag that looks okay on me because I'm picky and I'm petite lol and it needs to look right, you know? I can't just carry any bag. Because this is a slouchy bag, it fit wells and I prefer slouchy bags for that reason.

There is a soft bag for storing the actual bag and a long strap for wearing it across your waist.
Thanks for reading!

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