June 16, 2011

Silk Naturals.

Here are the things I bought and received a few weeks ago from Silk Naturals, an indie mineral make-up company based in the US.

Silk Naturals haul: Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit and Matte Blush in Petal (sample). The baggie on the right is a free eyeshadow in Dove. beautiful color!
I got a sample kit of their mineral foundation, which contains a white powder and colored powders (bases) and the premise is that you mix the white with one of the bases and you can create an ideal shade for your skin. I was sceptical if this was going to work. Foundation can be quite frustrating, especially finding a color that matches you. So I was intrigued and thought I would try this concept. I was between ordering this and a BB cream and I went for this. :) I'll order a BB cream at some point. :) Their mineral foundation is known for having silk in it and they also have vegan formulas, without the silk. Mine has silk and the kit contains a 10g jar + lid, a sifter, a sponge and a measuring scoop to measure the scoops you put in your jar.

Well, I made two mixes, the first is in a clear bag now, the second (my color) is in the 10g jar haha :)  
In the end, it's easy to mix the foundation, I actually put all my scoops in a clear kitchen/food bag and "mushed" the powders in it. Tested the colors, then poored it in the jar and added the sifter. Here is my baby, my creation lol! It is tiny but has enough for a few applications; my ratio is 1 scoop of Olive with 12 scoops of the white powder.

The mineral foundation came in tiny sample baggies. They have quite a lot in them, though!

I wore it once and the coverage was not sufficient for me, to be honest. I actually got their lightest coverage which is called the Original Ivory Foundation and to me it had light to medium coverage but it wasn't sufficient, I could still see my flaws, my discolorations actually. It felt a bit drying but I didn't use moisturizer that day. I'll test drive it a couple times and see how I like it. It's very smooth, by the way. I'm talking too much, am I? Sorry!

I also got a blush sample in the color Petal. It's supposed to be a similar color (or even a dupe?) to Benefit's Dandelion blush. I really like this color, it's a beautiful matte light coral-y peach with a hint of pink maybe, it goes well on my cheeks but I've only worn it in the night, I don't know how it looks in daylight on me so I'll have to report back on that. The texture is very good, by the way, finely milled powder, creamy to the touch, no scent. I hope it doesn't give me any irritations; this also has silk powder in it. I'm liking the idea of putting silk in mineral products.

And a free sample eyeshadow in Dove, a matte light grey, I love it and I wanted a grey eyeshadow. :) I forgot to take a swatch picture.

That's it for my Silk Naturals haul. Has anyone bought from SN? Do you have a mineral foundation to recommend for my normal-dry skin? No Bare Minerals, please. 

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