June 4, 2011

Make-up brushes.

Hi everyone!

This post is going to be about brushes! I have developed a great love for them, lately.

My collection is not complete, I still need more brushes (and ones that I will use more, since some of these are older and I don't use them much). I'm just starting into makeup so of course I plan on expanding my collection. I did a short review for each one, just because I felt like talking a bit about them and not just showing pictures. Feel free to skip it if you want. 

Face brushes

Sephora Mineral Powder brush; Really soft to the touch, very dense, too. Doesn't shed at all. All in all, a good brush.
Sephora Retractable brush; I'd been using this for two years! It was okay, soft, durable, I just didn't like the shiny handle, I prefer mattes. I really need a real blush brush, though and now is the time haha :)
The last months I was using the Beau-make sheep brush (top one) for blush. It's a no-name affordable brush from http://abbamart.kr/ (They have a US site that ships worldwide: Abbamart) Great brush, for the price, applies blush nicely and washes well. The size makes it practical to carry around.

See how all my blush brushes aren't real blush brushes? I don't know how I do that.. So to conclude, I need a new blush brush and with a long handle for a change!

Abbamart Beau-make Short Handle Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Large: what a long name! This is my first stippling brush, hooray! I tried using it with a foundation and I failed, maybe it was the foundation's fault? It's very soft and sheds only when I wash it. Again, I don't like the short handle, but I WON this brush so it doesn't matter! :) It applies blush very nicely, particularly my more pigmented blushes.

Cosmopolitan Powder Brush: I don't know the exact name since it's very old, it sheds like crazy by the way!!! I hate it and it doesn't apply anything nicely; the hairs are a nice big size for powder but it's a bit scratchy. No thanks. - I've given it away, by now.

The Body Shop Blush Brush: Very old, they don't carry this anymore I think, my mom got another blush brush from TBS and it was different. I think this isn't supposed to be called a blush brush(!), it's too flat and how are you supposed to apply blush with that, just look at it. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. It also looks more like a foundation brush to me. The hairs are soft and it never sheds. I used to apply mineral foundation with this (I just didn't have a kabuki) and it was okay for that. But inconvenient because of the "flatness" of it.

Eye brushes

Sephora Professionel Large Eyeshadow Brush: One word: soft! I love it but I rarely use it, because it works better with cream products (applying a base etc.) since it's synthetic and I don't use creams on the eye. It applies concealer just as well. Good but not a necessary brush to have.

Sigma Eye Shading - E55: I bought this when they had the Black Friday event. My favorite eye brush at the moment! I decided on this brush to be my first Sigma brush because I needed a brush to pack on eyeshadow and couldn't find anything (now I know there's also the E.L.F. $1 one). It also could do a bit of blending so I got it. The bristles are amazingly soft as you already know from countless reviews, great quality, performs great! It's so pretty, too, right?

Sophie Bubinga Sable Angled Brow Brush: I won this from Abbamart. Nice wooden handle but the ferrule has loosened up. Soft bristles but it's not precise enough for doing brows, it's too thick.

Beau-make Defining Sable Eyeliner Brush: I also won this. It's flimsy and it applies lipstick better than eyeliner but it's pretty much useless for me.

Beau-make Mini Large Sable Eyeshadow Brush: Soft, natural hairs, doesn't shed often, good for blending eyeshadow. The mini handle is inconvenient. It's good for a make-up beginner like me but that's just about it.

I realized that almost all of them are SOFT! Lucky me.

My favorites are the Sigma E55 and the Sephora #45 brush

That's it! Sorry if I sounded overly critical or like I know a lot. Do tell me what your favorite brushes are at the moment.

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