June 1, 2011

DressGreen Calming and Clarifying Facial Cream.

I recently bought yet another moisturizer. It's made by Lauren of DressGreen on Etsy. She makes soaps, facial products, creams, body butters, lip balms etc.

My skin is very tight lately and all my creams aren't doing much for me, even my Oilatum. :/ So I bought this cream which is supposedly all natural (and I had been wanting to try it for months). That's always a good thing for me! No parabens and ugly stuff.

My skin type: Normal, with drier cheeks, occasional breakouts. Some feeling of tightness on my cheeks, as of lately. Also, redness on the sides of my nose.

The seller claims it's a lightweight cream, though she explained to me that it's not a gel-cream (I asked her about it, I don't like gel creams). It is geared towards normal to oily skin, and I went against all odds and ordered it, instead of ordering her cocoa butter cream, which is for normal to dry skin.
I haven't noticed my skin clarifying or being calmed by this cream but that's okay, since it moisturizes well.


It's a lovely thick texture.

The smell. Lemon-y and fresh and pretty! Very unique, to me.

It looks like a well-made product. (It feels like an expensive cream, like something you would buy in the pharmacy or in expensive department stores)

Great price. With shipping, it's still very affordable.

Leaves my skin soft and sometimes it's still soft the next day.

The packaging. Glass jar, very convenient size, sturdy. I love it.

No irritations, didn't break me out.


I do experience tightness the next day. I don't know HOW to explain this, but when I wash my face with water, my skin is tight. But sometimes it's still soft, as I said, BUT tight. Maybe it's my skin acting up.

It absorbs too quickly for my liking.

It spreads too thinly on my face. (But I'm used to thicker creams.)

Price: $9.00 You can find it here.

Would I buy again? Maybe. I would try her other moisturizers.

I have to note that my mom tried this cream and she LOVES it. Like, she's blown away by it, she has combination skin and she found it great! Isn't that something?

I bought this item. These are my personal thoughts on the product.

Update 08/09/2012: I have bought two more times from Lauren, she's very sweet, helpful and prompt to answer any questions. She's lovely! Thanks Lauren!!!

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