May 16, 2011

Recent purchases.

I wanted to share my recent purchases in this post, so I can keep track of them and just document them. :))

I ordered from e.l.f. two weeks ago with their Free Shipping! My first order from them.
♥ I got the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, the Studio Cream Eyeliner in Coffee and the Studio Powder Brush. Needless to say, I'm very excited.
I payed exactly 10 pounds (the minimum purchase) which is around 11.50 Euros.
Okay, I actually ordered these because what I wanted so much was the eyeshadow primer! I have read the greatest things and I don't have a primer or any eye base so I really needed one and particularly wanted this one. I checked randomly on their fan page if they were having any offers and they had free shipping so that was my chance.

images from

Next, is my Silk Naturals order. This will be my third mineral foundation. :) I love the idea of mixing to create an almost perfect shade for you. Intimidating but fun! ^_^ If you're not familiar with this, basically you receive a sample kit with a jar, a scoop, baggies of mineral foundation which are intensely colored bases and a bag of white mineral foundation. You are supposed to mix the white powder with one of the colored bases (ebony, olive, warm gld etc.) to create a shade that matches you. I hope it will work out for me.

♥ I got the foundation sample kit, found here, and a blush sample, in Petal, found here.
I payed  $10.95, which is around 7.60 Euros, with a discount coupon "friend" which took off $0.55. Not much, but still.

images from

The sample kit is quite affordable (and I decided to go with this option because I need some base make-up and mineral foundation was my best affordable option!). I really hope I'm not allergic to silk, because this contains real silk! :)
LASTLY, I ordered my beloved Angled Contour Brush...

image from ebay seller

I payed $6.49 which is around 4.50 Euros, which I think is amazing.

Seems like a lot but I don't always splurge like this. I'll post pictures of everything when they arrive. :)

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