March 31, 2011

Sleek blushes.

Finally, my post about these blushes. :) These are the two blushes I have from Sleek. They're very pigmented and versatile. They're two colors I never had and I love them and consider them very high quality blushes!

First color is Sunrise, I saw pictures of it on a blog and I immediately wanted it. It didn't disappoint, it's a gorgeous color in my opinion. Mauvey-brown-ish with gold shimmer, stunning! *O* It can create a subtle look but also a more intense look, because it's so pigmented of course. But I find if I apply a little, it looks subtle and GORGEOUS. I don't know if it would look OK on all skintones, I can only say for my skin which is kind of a pale-ish light medium with neutral-yellow undertones.

The reason I wanted this blush was because I had fallen in love with Nars 'Sin' blush and I liked the color a lot. I saw that this color resembles 'Sin' a little (to me at least, I'm not saying it's a dupe), so I wanted it haha!

Second color is called Scandalous, this is a Limited Edition one and was released in February with their St. Valentine's collection (consisting of this blush, a colored lipbalm and a nail polish I think?). When I saw this blush in the promos I was curious (in a good, "itching" way), a red blush? When I saw real photos in blogs I was sold! I fell in love, I thought I would LOVE to have a red blush in my collection, even though I'm just starting to build a collection. I don't know what happened, I just wanted it so badly! And usually, I don't even like red things, how odd. (This must be the first RED thing I wanted so badly in my life.)
So I had two options: either buy it from their website or ask for it from my uncle in England, who was visiting us last year. So I asked for it very kindly and thank God he found it (I was worried they were going to be sold out) and he brought it to me. :) Thank you so much, uncle Rod! I've worn it only once but I'm just very happy to have this red blush in my collection (they say it's a Nars 'Exhibit' dupe but who cares). Anyone else loves it as much as I do? At least the color..!

Yes, it's that bright!
Look at that golden shimmer. Gorgeous!!
So here are swatches of both blushes:

Both of these were brought to me by my grandma and uncle in England so a big THANK YOU to both!!! I got to experience the Sleek blush "frenzy-ness". Thanks for reading!

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