February 7, 2011

Current skincare routine.

This is what I have been using for more than 2 months now. I don't actually use these everyday, though. I use the eye cream every second day. And I use the toner once every two weeks, only because I find it doesn't really do anything for my skin.
Let's start with my skin type. I have normal skin with drier cheeks, occasional breakouts and redness on the sides of my nose. I do not have combination or super dry skin.

Cleanser: I clean my face with Garnier Essentials Cleansing Milk, once in the evening. This is my second bottle.

Toner: My toner which I bought from a store on Etsy.com. It has minimum ingredients, all natural I suppose and it smells beautiful! :) I don't know if it does anything, though. :/

Moisturizer: I moisturize with Day Shift Moisture Cream from the Boots Botanics range and it's the Normal/Dry skin formula. Even though it says botanics, it contains ingredients that I don't like such as petrolatum etc. It does the job well, it makes my skin soft and supple but I don't know if it's really moisturizing because I constantly need to re-apply to get that "soft skin" feeling (I hate that) and to get rid of the tightness of my skin. I also had a bit of flakiness on the sides of my nose and it isn't helping with that much, I think it just sticks to the surface of the skin. Still, it's a nice thick cream and I prefer it to the gel-creams I had been using in the past, those weren't really for my skin type (stupid me).

Eye cream: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, bought off eBay. I payed 20 Euros for this, including shipping. I think it was a great price. It smells like avocado and it's creamy, very concentrated, sinks in nicely and makes the skin soft! I apply it on my orbital bone (and on the crow-feet area), like Tyra Banks recommends in one of her videos on her website. Love her!

Special treatment (oils, exfoliator etc.): For special treatment, I have the Antipodes Divine Face Oil which smells fantastic and is organic. I think it might have broke me out once but it's a real treat for the skin. So luxurious, indeed. I am in love with these oils, I want to have a whole bunch of them and find my Holy Grail haha. As for exfoliation, I use a homemade mix of honey and granulated sugar, every 2-3 weeks.
UPDATE: this oil breaks me out unfortunately.

Lastly, I won this Kiehl's moisturizer in a giveaway! I consider myself very lucky, this cream is very famous! As you can see, it's the Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15. I used it the other night and it felt fantastic. It sank in quickly and it felt so luxurious, even though it has a runny consistency. Let's see how much my skin likes it over the next days.

Do you like any of this stuff? Have you used them before, do you like facial oils? How do you exfoliate and how often? I would like to know.
If you have suggestions for a cleanser, a moisturizer or an exfoliator (I could use one that isn't too harsh but will take away the dirt from my skin, especially nose, forehead etc.), feel free to suggest and thanks for reading all this! :)

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